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Metaverse Collaboration: Fermus

We are excited to announce our third metaverse collaboration with the creator Fermus. Fermus is a long time great of the Enjin community and if you follow along on Telegram, X or Discord then you will certainly recognize his name. However, this is not just a typical token level collaboration. Fermus has taken it to the next level and composed custom music tracks especially for The Etherscape!

New "Melodies from The Etherscape" collection on

As a start, Fermus has created 3 tracks which will be used for the intro theme, the town theme and the dungeon theme in game. They are hand crafted to capture the feel of The Etherscape and to increase immersion as players fight along through quests for epic loot.

In game representation of "Etherscape Adventures"

Fermus is also well known in the Enjin community for tokenizing and distributing his music via beam. This is no exception! The Etherscape tracks have been tokenized for collection and distribution. Furthermore, they will unlock 3 new in-game titles for their holders.

  • Head Minstrel

  • Local Minstrel

  • Brave Minstrel

Scan to get your Etherscape Adventures token!

You can check out other creations from Fermus in his NFT collections below...

Also, be sure to follow him on X @fermuss! See you in game Etherborn Minstrels!

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Dec 14, 2023

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