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Etherscape x Bad Bears

Are you ready for an epic crossover between Etherscape and Bad Bears? Bad Bears, a well-loved long standing Enjin collection by Hillbilly NFTs, have teamed up with us to bring you a new token that will blow your mind: the Barbarian!

Introducing the Barbarian

The Barbarian is a limited edition NFT that unlocks a new class in the Etherscape. As a Barbarian, you will be able to unleash your primal fury on your enemies with brand new skills such as:

  • Stone Skin: Increase your armor by a huge amount and become nearly invincible for a short duration.

  • Blood Rage: Make your reflect damage deal area of effect damage and watch your foes bleed out as you laugh maniacally.

  • Leap: Jump over obstacles and land on your enemies with a devastating impact that deals massive damage.

Barbarian Token on

The Barbarian is not only a powerful class in the Etherscape game, but also the first ever " Exclusive Drop". These drops are meticulously vetted by Enjin to ensure quality, utility, rarity and affordable pricing. Check out the release video to see the Barbarian in action! Release Video

The Barbarian is the ultimate Bad Bear, and you don't want to miss this chance to get one. There is a max supply of only 500 Barbarians, and they will sell out fast. Once they are gone, they are gone for good. You will never see them again, unless you are lucky enough to find one on the secondary market. But why risk that when you can secure yours tomorrow!?

The Barbarian goes on sale Saturday March 9th and 1PM EST exclusively on

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