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March '24 Development Update

Greetings, Etherborn!

March has been an important month for all of us in the Etherscape universe. Our focus has been gearing up to transition from closed alpha to open alpha. It’s time to reflect on the new features that will kick open the door wide for more players to join us. Note that these features aren't fully completed yet, and we are heads down working to finish them in the next couple weeks. Let’s dive into the latest developer update that’s all about expanding our horizons and welcoming more players into our ethereal realm.

📜 A Newcomer’s Gateway: The Tutorial

First off, we’re thrilled to announce that the new tutorial is code complete! It’s a step-by-step guide designed to usher you into the world of Etherscape seamlessly. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the ARPG genre, this tutorial is your first step towards mastering the art of survival and conquest in a world where death is just a new beginning.

✅ No Player Left Behind: The Queue System

Next, we’ve nearly completed the implementation of a queue system. We know how eager everyone is to jump into action, but with great popularity comes the need for order. This system ensures that access is fair and prioritized, giving a nod to our dedicated players holding the Alpha Contract token and those with a hefty stash of Imperial Sovereigns.

With the queue system comes a new property on Account Upgrades called Queue Power. Each point of Queue Power allows you to have 1 minute of priority when entering the server queue. This ensures that under heavy player load, the most dedicated players still get the fastest access to the servers. Below are the initial items offering queue power...

  • Imperial Sovereign: 1 Queue Power, Infinite Stacking

  • Alpha Contract: 10 Queue Power, Max Stack 1

💰 Simplify to Amplify: Managed Wallets

To expand our player base, it is critical to make getting started in Etherscape as easy as any Web2 game. This is why we are introducing Managed Wallets. With this update, you can dive into Etherscape without the hassle of figuring out Enjin. A game controlled wallet will automatically be provisioned on your behalf when you create a new account. New players can start with this wallet and then, when they are ready, they can transition to a self custody wallet.

⚔️ Your Quest, Your Rules: Private Quests

Lastly, we’re introducing private quest options to shield you from the chaos of servers filled with newbies. Say goodbye to griefers and hello to uninterrupted adventures. You can now choose to embark on quests in peace, focusing on your strategies and growth as an Etherborn. This feature is not completed yet, but in its first version, it will likely allow you to set a password for your quest so that you can control who is allowed you join you.

🪙 Wrapping it Up

As we march towards the open alpha, we’re not just growing in numbers; we’re evolving together. This is an invitation to all the aspiring Etherborn to join us in a world where every death is a lesson, every resurrection a chance to rise stronger, and every item a legacy etched in the blockchain.

Stay eternal, The Etherscape Dev Team

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Diogo d'Alte
Diogo d'Alte
31 mar

Each time better, thank you Lord Sam 🫂💪⚔️🔥

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