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Enjin Blockhain is built from the ground up for NFT's and gaming using the open-source Substrate technology stack. Enjin brings the following benefits making it the perfect match for us...

  • NFT's are implemented at the protocol level making them more secure, reliable and interoperable.

  • Full featured NFT marketplace at

  • Very small transaction (gas) fees. Transactions cost a fraction of a cent.

  • Scaling up to huge numbers of transactions per second.

  • Low latency transactions which settle in seconds.

  • Easy to use API's enabling broad adoption from developers.

  • Advanced features like managed wallets and fuel tanks enabling seamless integration.

Minting Items

In The Etherscape, players decide when to mint items into NFT's. During your adventures, you will collect and craft randomized loot which has the danger of being lost on death. However, you can choose to mint any item onto the blockchain making it permanent and tradable with other players. These items are then referred to as "Etherbound".



Part of ensuring a true player driven economy is to give control of the governance to the players as well. As a result, The Etherscape has a governance token called Imperial Sovereigns in order to allow players to vote on specific changes to the game. The kinds of changes that will be controlled by the governance tokens are the following...

  • Spending community wallet funds

  • Balance changes

  • Proposals for new content to be added

  • Land expansions

  • Cross game item collaborations

Imperial Sovereigns can also be "staked" into objects on land that you own in order to earn rewards over time. These rewards can be in the form of crafting resources, in game boosts and more.


Community Wallet

The community wallet is a set of funds that are reserved for use on the game players. A portion of the proceeds of every transaction in the game go to the community wallet. How the funds are spent is determined by the votes in the governance system. Various options for how the funds could be spent include the following...

  • Air drops to the player community

  • Events and competitions with rewards

  • Reward players for participation in governance

  • Subsidize player’s transaction costs using Fuel Tanks

  • Provide grants to other creators building projects on ENJ

  • Fund collaborations to create cross game metaverse tokens

You can view the contents of the community wallet on SubScan here.


Land Ownership

There are several towns and cities in The Etherscape that serve as player hubs. They allow players to congregate, equip their characters, craft new items, trade and form parties. Around these town hubs exists plots of land which players can purchase the deeds for. When you own a plot of land you will be able to customize it to your liking in order to display your achievements. You will also be able to create resource generating structures such as mines or workshops which will generate you crafting resources over time. The effectiveness of those structures will be determined by how many Imperial Sovereigns are "staked" into them.


Join Us!

Join our Discord channel to connect with our team and learn more about The Etherscape. We will be selecting people from the channel to have alpha and beta access to the game and be air dropping NFT's as thanks for your support! You can also join our waitlist for alpha access here.

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