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Death Matters

Death is permanent in The Etherscape. When your character dies any items that are not Etherbound will be lost, and you will have to start over. You must think hard before you take your best items into a difficult area. However, the harder the area the greater the rewards.


Randomized Loot

Adventure through the world and scour the depths of dungeons to find the ultimate gear. Loot is randomized so that you never know what you will find. Items have the potential to completely change the way you play and offer a huge variety of viable builds.


Play to Own

You can choose when you decide that an item is valuable enough to be minted into an NFT to become Etherbound. Etherbound items persist through death and are stored in your crypto wallet. This means you have true ownership of them and can trade or sell them on NFT marketplaces. This enables a truly player driven economy.


Learn More

If you want to learn more about all the features planned for The Etherscape then check out our White Paper. It goes into detail about gameplay mechanics, crypto integration, economy, future directions and more!

Join Us!

Join our Discord channel to connect with our team and learn more about The Etherscape. We will be selecting people from the channel to have alpha and beta access to the game and be air dropping NFT's as thanks for your support!

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