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September '23 Development Update

Welcome back Etherborn 👻. It has been a month packed with all kinds of excitement. Read on below to learn about the new features launching in this build along with updates about our journey on the new Enjin Matrixchain.

Welcome to the New Enjin Matrixchain 🌐

If you have been following Enjin at all then you will know that all the hype has been about the merge. The Efinity and Enjin chains a merging into a new unified chain called the "Enjin Matrixchain" which is built on top of Substrate technology and customized specifically for NFT's. The Etherscape is excited to be a part of this merge and our servers will be up and running using the new chain on day 1 which will be September 13th. We are looking forward to seeing you all in game using your shiny NFT loot on the new chain!

Tweet revealing the Sept 13th merge date.

All Tokens Have Utility Now 🪙

Since the launch of many of you have been tirelessly creating and collecting NFT's using beam (I almost have 500 now). We are excited to announce that all tokens will now have utility in The Etherscape. All tokens and their metadata will now be read by the Etherscape servers so that you can view your entire token collection in game. Every token will grant an in-game bonus of either magic find, gold drops or XP gain depending on a pre-determined formula.

All tokens syncing into wallet for bonuses.

This is our first step into making sure that The Etherscape is a true metaverse experience. In the future, look out for hand crafted collaborations between projects to unlock new value for your tokens!

The People Have Spoken - Crafting ⚒️

At the end of August, we had our first governance proposal for The Etherscape to see what new feature the community would like. Player driven governance is one of our core design principles to build a strong community.

The winning crafting station governance proposal.

The outcome of the proposal was to add a new crafting station in the game allowing you to craft new loot from your salvaged materials. As promised, the September release contains that new crafting station. You can now craft Rare and Epic items using the resources you have salvaged. This will unlock new ways to progress your character and get awesome loot the fits your build.

New crafting station UI.

In the future we will be adding new recipes to the crafting station including ones that can be earned and maintained on chain.

Beam Me Up 💫

After a bit of a technical journey, we now have Enjin Beam working for The Etherscape. This means that exciting loot drops will be heading your way at a regular cadence now. You can expect these loot drops to be gamified by having a random chance of getting items that span the range of worthless to highly coveted artifacts and account upgrades. See a couple examples below (the left one still has claims available)...

Beam QR's sent out in the last week.

If you want to make sure that you never miss a loot drop, then make sure to join our social channels. Loot drops will always go first to our Discord channel and second to our twitter feed so be sure to join or follow.

Looking Forward 👀

It has been an epic month that is setting the trajectory for the future of The Etherscape (and NFT gaming as a whole). We are pumped up for the future and will continue to build out the game based on your feedback. If you want to be part of our alpha tester team, then be sure to join our Discord channel and let us know!

You can read the full release notes for the September build here. If you want to learn more about our future development plans, you can see our high-level roadmap here. Thanks for following along!

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