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October '23 Development Update

Hello again to all the Etherborn! It's time for a new monthly release and with that comes a new development update. There are lots of great improvements this month and many of them driven directly by community feedback. Read on below to learn about everything new!

Unlocking the Keys to Quests 🗝️

The active player count in the alpha is slowly growing as more people are discovering The Etherscape. As a result, some design issues are starting to show up in cases when there is a diverse set of players on the same server. The most apparent were the following...

  • The auto quest generation wouldn't always create a quest suitable for your level.

  • Some players needed higher level content beyond level 13.

To solve this, we have redone the quest system to put control into the hands of the players. Players are now able to generate quests of appropriate level for themselves on demand. This ensures players will always be able to find well suited content on any server.

New Quest Map in Action

We didn't stop there though. There is a new item type called Quest Keys. Quest Keys allow you to influence what kind of quest will be generated such as increasing the level for end game content or changing the faction to help with achievement hunting. Quest Keys drop like any other item in game and they can also be crafted. You can learn more about each type of quest key here.

Different Kinds of Quest Keys

Keeping it Social 🗣️

Keeping with the theme, as server populations grow the social tools on the server need to grow as well. As a result, we have added a new social window which will allow you to take a few important actions...

  • See all players on the server

  • Teleport directly to a player

  • Whisper chat a player directly

The New Social Window

This means the chat box is also getting some enhancements. This includes the first few chat box commands. For now there are just two commands, but more will be added in the future. You can learn more about them here.

  • Whisper Player: /w <player> <message>

  • Show Local Time: /t

Whisper Chat to a Player

Play Your Way 🦾

There was a lot of feedback in the last alpha test asking for more settings to be made available. Well, your wish is our command. We have expanded the settings significantly to improve quality of life. One of the main new settings that has arrived is the ability to auto salvage or auto sell items when you pick them up.

New Gameplay Settings

Another major ask was for the ability to remap key bindings. Alpha players for The Etherscape are joining in from all over the world. As a result, some of them need the ability to customize the key mappings, which is now possible.

New Key Binding Settings

Enjin Evolves 🥩

We also wanted to bring a major news update about the Enjin Blockchain since it is the basis for The Etherscape's blockchain integration. The ability to participate in securing the blockchain via staking was released this week. This is an excellent opportunity to help the ecosystem while earning some great rewards.

The first couple days of staking have seen massive rewards with rates reaching above 500% (estimated APR). This will of course come down as more Enjin is staked, but it is clear that the rewards for early adopters will be excellent. If you are interested, you can learn more about how to stake your Enjin here.

First Days Staking Rewards

Wrapping it up 🥳

Thats a wrap for the big new changes in this release. As always, if you want to look through the more detailed changes you can see them in our release notes here. There are lots of small feature improvements and bug fixes that we didn't take the time to list here. We are looking forward to playing alongside you and continuing to build The Etherscape together!

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