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Metaverse Collaboration with @toka2204

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Metaverse collaborations are one of the core design pillars of The Etherscape. You can learn more about our metaverse vision in our white paper. The September release takes the first major step by granting generic bonuses for every token in your wallet. However, it is now time to take the next step with a hand-crafted collaboration with another creator.

All tokens have utility in The Etherscape

We are excited to announce the first metaverse collaboration for The Etherscape with Steven Dutenhoefner (@toka2204). Steven is the creator of several popular collections on Enjin Matrixchain and a prolific user of Beam. Several of his most popular collections include Enjin Robots and Cursed Machines. Follow him on X to make sure you never miss one of his Beam drops.

Cursed Machines and Enjin Robots collections

Steven has created a new token for his Enjin Robots collection called the Steam Engineer. In The Etherscape, the Steam Brigade faction uses their magical arts to create clockwork robots to do their bidding. Steven captures the spirit behind these mechanical masters using his own style with this new token.

New Steam Engineer token on

Steam Brigade robot ready for action

Wallets that hold this token will unlock the Steam Engineer class allowing you to harness the power of the Steam Brigade and summon robot companions to your aid. In order to support this, there will be a new "Metaverse" tab in player inventory which will display their tokens that grant specific bonuses in game. This is how the Steam Engineer token will look in game...

Steam Robot in the metaverse wallet

This collaboration marks the first of many to come. The Etherscape team is passionate to build out the metaverse and to give utility to tokens in your wallets coming from many different creators. We are always looking for more players to join our Alpha. If you want to be one of them then learn more here.

Scan the QR below using the Enjin Wallet app to get your token now while they last!

Steam Engineer beam QR

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