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Metaverse Collaboration: 3D Anime

At The Etherscape we are dedicated to making sure that your tokens have the most value and utility as possible. That is why we are continually driving metaverse collaborations with different games and projects in the community. We are excited to announce our latest collaboration is with 3D Anime (@WaterMargin187).

The 3D Anime project is combining the technical advancements of computer graphics with the artistic sensibilities of Japanese animation, offering a unique and visually striking approach in the world of anime. Each token introduces new characters which have their own backstory and place in the 3D Anime world. You can check out the collection and start collecting tokens here.

Example 3D Anime Tokens

As part of this collaboration, we are introducing a new class as part of the Steam Brigade called the "Clockwork Mender". The Clockwork Mender is an expert at steam powered robotics which empowers them with healing abilities. They will bring a new challenging dynamic when facing off against the robotic hordes.

Clockwork Mender sending out some gears in town

The Clockwork Mender also brings two brand new abilities to the game. This includes the Mend healing ability and the Gear Blast ability. They are also able to utilize their skills to perform the electric earth ability.

New abilities for the Clockwork Mender

With this exciting collaboration, you will be able spawn your character as the new Clockwork Mender. In order to do this, get your hands on the new Clockwork Mender Token from 3D Anime! While supplies last you can grab one for free using the below Beam QR code.

Clockwork Mender on chain and in game

Beam QR code to get a mender!

Stay tuned for more metaverse collaborations coming in the future to The Etherscape. Also, be sure to check out our previous collaborations to find more metaverse tokens. If you want to put these tokens to good use, join in our alpha which is currently online.

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