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May '23 Development Update

Welcome Etherborn! It is time for our next monthly development update and there is a lot of exciting things to share. Read on to learn about some game play improvements and to see how we are marching closer and closer to allowing alpha players in. Enters Beta, which is the marketplace for Efinity, has gone into closed beta this month. We have been busy checking the correctness of our test tokens and making tweaks. They are now looking great and so we have started minting into the official production collection. If you have access to the beta, you can check it out here. For the first time ever, you can now buy Imperial Sovereigns for yourself which will allow you to take part in governance of The Etherscape in the future! Also, we have been air dropping start items to everyone who buys an Imperial Sovereign early.

Etherscape on

New Enemy Attacks

After many hours of game play testing, I felt that one of the most important improvements to make is to improve the diversity and challenge of the enemy types. So, the latest step on that journey is to add two new enemy attack types.

  • Homing: Enemies with this attack type will shoot projectiles which home in towards the player making them harder to dodge. High level enemies can shoot up to 3 homing projectiles at once.

  • Grenade: Granade projectiles telegraph where they are going to hit on the map and then lob in that direction. When they hit they damage all characters in the area.

Overall, I am really happy with the added challenge this is bringing. You can see a short clip below of the Robot Overlord boss who now shoots 3 ink grenades to keep players on their toes!

Preparing for Alpha

The other major focus for this release has been getting ready to open up to players in alpha. We want to start distributing alpha contacts asap and let people start jumping in and giving feedback. In order to prepare, we have been doing the following...

  • Completing the Efinity workflows including logging in using your Efinity wallet.

  • Experimenting with different methods to distribute our client including the Windows Store and the Epic Games Store.

  • Greatly improving our release pipeline so that we can update the game servers with very low effort.

  • Playtesting and fixing major bugs so the first experiences aren't TOO raw and unpolished :-).

We are really hoping that later in May or June we will have our first round of players logging into the servers. If you want to be one of those first players, then be sure to join our discord channel where you can get the latest updates. Alpha contracts will likely be air dropped to our engaged community members there!

Alpha Contract on

Full Release Notes

Finally, you can check out our quick overview of the full release notes on our white paper here.

We are looking forward to playing along with you soon!

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