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June '23 Development Update

Hey Everyone! I am excited to connect with you all again and to reveal our June update which will release to our alpha servers in the coming days. It includes a bunch of new features which we are very excited for you all to try out. Most exciting is that minting items will be opened up to players for the first time!

If you prefer to watch a video instead of reading, then you can check out our June dev update video below. Otherwise, keep scrolling to read on!

Achievements of Renown

The first big new feature is that we have now added an achievement system. Currently there are daily and weekly achievements which are randomly generated. Achievements are a way to earn additional resources that can be used for crafting, enchanting and "etherbinding" your hard-earned loot.

There is also a brand-new resource type introduced in this release called "Gems". Gems are an artifact rarity resource which are required for all interactions with the blockchain. So, anytime that you mint an item in the Etherforge or purchase an account upgrade form the luxury merchant it will require gems. The only way to earn Gems right now is to complete achievements. Eventually, in the future, you will be able to use Efinity / Enjin coin instead of needing Gems.

In the future we will be increasing the diversity of tasks that can show up as achievements. We also have plans to add new kinds of achievement categories like the following...

  • Metaverse achievements which award tokens which have utility in other games

  • New player achievements which introduce players to all the game features

  • Timed event achievements related to periodic releases

  • Location specific events once more diverse regions are released

The Etherforge is Open

The truly exciting news with this release is that we are opening up the Etherforge for use in alpha. This will allow you to mint your loot drops into your wallet making them "Etherbound". Etherbound items are not destroyed when you die, and they can be sold and traded on crypto markets like

You can learn more about the Etherforge from our white paper here. Etherbinding items requires gold, resources gathered from salvaging items and Gems from completing achievements.

Big News for Efinity / Enjin

If you have been following The Etherscape for long then you know that we have been building on the Efinity block chain. There has been a big announcement recently that the Efnity and Enjin block chains are merging to unite the two ecosystems into one. If you are interested in learning more about the merge you can read their blog post here. The Etherscape has also been featured as a guest post on the Enjin blog which you can read here if you want to know more about our team's thoughts on the change.

The Etherscape is already up and running on the new "Enjin Blockchain" as a part of the "Efinity Marixchain". As things evolve, we will keep you up to date on how these changes could impact the game.

Join us in Alpha

We are looking for alpha players who want to be active contributors to help find and report bugs, provide feedback for improvements and features and help to bootstrap the community. If that sounds like fun to you then head over to our Discord server and join the conversation. We are looking forward to seeing more of you in game soon!

You can see the full June release notes here.

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