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Governance Rewards Launched

Hey Everyone! We are excited to announce that it is time for our next governance proposal 🥳. Now is your chance to pick the next major feature that we will be adding. Furthermore, I am excited to announce that with this proposal we will start distributing governance rewards 💰. There is a 500 ENJ reward pool that will be distributed to players who participate. Read on our wiki to learn more about Governance Rewards and the overall Governance Process for The Etherscape to see how you can get your share of the 500 ENJ reward pool.

Voting opens in 2.5 days, so the snapshot will be taken in less than 2 days. That is how much time you have to pick up more Imperial Sovereigns if you want more votes (and also more rewards).

Proposal 3 live in game

This time there are 10 options on the table for the people to decide…

  • Option 1: New arena battle mode. Each round increases in difficulty and reward. Rogue-lite elements will be incorporated such that each round completed you get to pick a random bonus which you keep for the rest of the run.

  • Option 2: Start the implementation for land ownership controlled by NFT's. Land will be customizable using NFT's that can be earned in game. Furthermore, you will be able to stake Imperial Sovereigns for passive bonuses on your land.

  • Option 3: A new "Rune System" for items. Items have the ability to be rolled with a rune property. Having multiple items with the same rune will provide strong bonuses similar to set items in other games.

  • Option 4: Add an underworld dealer which will enable you to buy back 1 item that you lost during death using gold and gems.

  • Option 5: Professions system that will be linked to crafting. Professions are tied to your account and are improved through using them. Initial professions would include Mining, Refining, Smithing, Lumberjack, Carpenter, Jeweler, etc…

  • Option 6: New "Dragon Kin" faction which will include new enemy types, AI tactics and bosses. This will release with a seasonal event allowing you to win exclusive rewards.

  • Option 7: World boss events which will spawn 2-3 times a day. These will require 5+ level 10 players with decent gear to defeat and will offer high value rewards for completing once a week.

  • Option 8: Party system. This will allow you to join together into a party with a total of 5 players. Parties can take on heroic dungeons together and the dungeon will be scaled in difficulty for the size of the party.

  • Option 9: A new generative collection of sword skins. Each skin is a unique 1:1 with a combinations of traits of different rarity. There will be 1000 total skins.

  • Option 10: Begin the story for The Etherscape. This will include adding NPC's with dialogue to learn about the world. It will also add a new "Journey" achievement set which reward players for completing tasks as they advance their characters / account.

We are anxious to see what the community decides! If you want to join in the alpha then join our discord server and let us know. We are still taking new alpha players every day.

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