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Get Ready for the Clockwork Invasion!

Attention all Etherborn! The realm of Etherscape is on high alert as the Steam Brigade gears up for an all-out assault in the much-anticipated Clockwork Invasion event. This isn’t just any skirmish; it’s a full-scale war where the clashing of metal and magic will echo through the ages.

The Steam Brigade Marches

The Steam Brigade, notorious for their steam-powered clockwork robots, are bringing their full might to bear against the world of Etherscape. Harnessing the arcane arts, they’ve conjured an army of mechanical monstrosities that are both a marvel and a menace. With gears grinding and steam hissing, these formidable foes are a testament to the Brigade’s relentless pursuit of conquest.

Sharpen your swords and fill your quivers because the Brigade new set of challenges for you to deal with including all new enemy types.

World Raid Boss: The Iron Colossus

Prepare for the ultimate battle against the Iron Colossus, the Steam Brigade’s crowning achievement in clockwork warfare. This towering titan of twisted metal and enchantments will challenge even the most seasoned Etherborn. Gather your allies, sharpen your blades, and ready your spells – victory will not come easy.

The Iron Colossus is the first world raid event in the Etherscape. You will need to join together as a party in order to overcome him and reap the rewards.

Exclusive Rewards: Forge Your Destiny

The Clockwork Invasion isn’t just about survival; it’s about glory. Players can harness the power of the Brigade and use it to their advantage. A small number of Broken Steam Cores have been captured from the Brigade and will be sold to willing adventurers. By defeating the Brigade's machines of death players will earn Cogs which can be used to upgrade their Steam Core. Only the elite will manage to transform their core into a Perfected Steam Core, unlocking untold power and a brand-new playable class.

Broken Steam Cores will be listed for sale for 15 ENJ on at 3PM UTC on 5/30/24. They have a max supply of 300 enforced on chain.

Unlock Multiverse Power

The Steam Core isn’t just a symbol of triumph in Etherscape; it’s a multiverse item. This means it will soon unlock a devastating new AOE attack in the game Axiomech. The power of the Steam Core transcends worlds, and those who wield it will be a force to be reckoned with across the gaming multiverse.

Join the Fray

The Clockwork Invasion is your chance to rise above the eternal cycle of life and death. Will you crumble under the relentless march of the Steam Brigade, or will you forge a legacy that will resonate through the multiverse? The gears of fate are turning, and the time to act is now. Join the fray, upgrade your core, and unleash your potential!

Join the battle, upgrade your destiny, and let the cogs of victory turn in your favor. Learn how to join in the Etherscape now here.

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