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December '23 Development Update

The winter season is upon us Etherborn... and with it comes new opportunities...

Welcome back everyone! We are excited to share with you all the updates in our recent December release. This includes our first seasonal event with a timed exclusive token to earn, the introduction of our community wallet and lots of work on our platform to prepare for the future. Read on to learn more!

❄️ Winter is Coming...

We are excited that our first ever seasonal event is now live. Now through January 2nd, while fighting through quests, enemies will have a chance to drop the new limitted time "Winter Essence" resource.

Gather the precious Winter Essence and drop it into the etherforge to mint the new exclusive account upgrade "Winter's Gift"...

Winters Gift allows you to gain up to a 10% magic find bonus for your account. On chain, there is a maximum collapsing supply of 1000. Any of them that are not earned by players before January 2nd will be burned 🔥🔥🔥 ensuring their scarcity forever.

💰 Meet the Community Wallet

We are thrilled to bring to life the Community Wallet. The Community Wallet is exactly what it sounds like. It is a wallet which holds funds which have been set aside by the development team for community initiatives. All sources of income for The Etherscape have 25% set aside automatically into the Community Wallet.

Income Distribution

You can view the funds in the Community Wallet in game by opening up the wallet window and selecting the "C" button. This will show how the funds are accumulating over time. You can also view the wallet on Subscan here. At the time of writting this article, there is already over 1,750 ENJ accumulated!

Community Wallet in Game View

How the funds from the community wallet are spent is determined by votes in the governance system. Various options for how the funds could be spent include the following...

  • Air drops to the player community

  • Events and competitions with rewards

  • Rewarding players for participation in governance

  • Subsidize player’s transaction costs using Fuel Tanks

  • Provide grants to other creators building projects on ENJ

  • Fund collaborations to create cross game metaverse tokens

We are looking forward to seeing how the players use these funds! The sky is the limit. You can read more about the Community Wallet on our wiki here.

🪙 The Market is Open

The in game marketplace is now live! This allows you to browse items that have been listed for sale using the Enjin Blockchain API's in game. These are the same items that you can see on, but in game you will be able to easily see how the items will improve your build.

Version 1 of the Marketplace In Game UI

This is only the begining of our marketplace integration. In the future we will be adding support for many kinds of filters and sorting so that you can find the exact item you need to perfect your build!

⚖️ It's All in the Balance

As is common with an alpha game, there have been a bunch of balance updates which were shipped as sub-releases since Novemeber. The purpose of these changes is targetted at making high level quests accessible for solo players and making sure they provide the most loot. Below are some of the main changes made towards this goal...

  • The total health for enemies above level 10 has been dramatically reduced.

  • Enemies now gain "crowd resistance" when more than 1 player is near them. Learn more here.

  • Enemies above level 10 have a higher chance to drop items per each level.

  • The amount of XP required to get to level 10 and to earn a soul shard was increased.

  • Orb drop rates were tuned to be more balanced especially at high levels.

  • The magic find bonuses for high level quests have been changed to be a multiple of your characters magic find rating instead of a static value. You can see the new amounts here.

  • Players are now prevented from joining quests which are more than 2 levels above or below their current level (except at level 10 there is no limit how high you can go).

  • After being stunned, player and enemies get a "stun resistance" buff. Players "stun resistance" is limitted to the length of time they are stunned plus 1 second.

⚔️ Earn Heroic Marks

Another late november addition was the new Heroic Mark token. When doing Heroic Quests, you can now earn Heroic Fragements. Put these into the Etherforge to forge them into a Heroic Mark. The more marks that you hold the more bonuses you will unlock for your character.

Heroic Marks on

Unlocking Bonuses with Heroic Marks

🦾 The Platform Advances

You can't see it at first glance, but the largest amount of time in the last realease was spent on core platform improvements for the game. These are critical to set the stage for the future and to make sure that we take full advantage of the Enjin Blockchain. There is still much more to do, but these are the focus areas that made significant progress.

  • Safe shutdown makes sure you don't lose progress when new builds are rolled out to the servers.

  • Push notifications from the Enjin Platform are integrated to speed up the time it takes to mint items.

  • Integrated API's for reading from the Enjin Marketplace (

  • The Etherforge has new functionality to support collapsing supply tokens.

  • Refactored server configurations to come from a central DB so that they will be less error prone and can be changed on the fly.

  • Nuked the legacy ETH Enjin Platform SDK and code.

  • Started integration of Wallet Connect which will be required for many future features such as the Gem Marketplace.

⏱️ Wrap it Up

If you made it all the way down here then thanks for following along! As always, there has been a large number of tweaks and bug fixes as well. You can read the specific release notes on our wiki page here. If you don't have access to the alpha yet then just jump on our discord and ask, we are taking new players daily!

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