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August '23 Development Update

Hey Everyone! We are very excited to be finally releasing all of our hard work from July for you to enjoy 🎉. This release is heavily focused on new gameplay mechanics to make the core game loop more fun. We have been wanting these features in the game since the beginning, and after play testing with them for a couple weeks, they really are a huge improvement! As always, if you want to try out the alpha build then join us on Discord to get access 🎮. If you want to hear about the nitty gritty details of the release, then read on 👀...

Dashing and Sprinting 💨

One of the first feature suggestions from our alpha players was to add the ability to sprint. This is great to speed up the gameplay as you make your way between groups of mobs. However, we took it one step further and added the ability to dash as well. Dashing helps you quickly move out of enemy attack zones and avoid projectiles since you can't be hit while in the middle of a dash. This really speeds up the gameplay and gives your character a huge increase in mobility.

There is now a new stamina resource that limits your ability to sprint and dash. Hold down shift to sprint which steadily drains stamina or press space to dash for a large chunk of stamina.

Dashing through town as a Ravenman

No More Cooldowns! ⏱️

Another change to speed up the gameplay is the removal of cooldowns. Cooldowns have been replaced with an energy orb system. Each skill uses energy which is a new resource for your character. When enemies are damaged or die, they drop orbs which grant energy. So, the faster your kill enemies, the faster you replenish your energy to continue dealing out destruction. This means there is no benefit to just sitting around waiting on cooldowns before entering your next fight. Instead, the sooner you jump into the fight, the sooner you can get more orbs to replenish your abilities.

New ability bar with energy and stamina

Stay Classy

The other massive new feature is that every playable class has received a skill tree. With every level you get skill points equal to the level you have just achieved (ex. 4 new points when you reach level 4). You can then spend those skill points to unlock or upgrade abilities and passive buffs for your character. The greatly improves the differentiation between different class types and allows them to be built out for different gameplay styles.

Ravenman skill tree

Along with the new skill trees, we have reworked the classes and added several new ones. Several of the classes have been renamed, and the Ranger has been added as a second bow wielding class. The list of starting classes is now the following...

  • Warrior

  • Archer

  • Monk

  • Rogue

  • Summoner

  • Elementalist

  • Ranger

Unlock More Class Types

Will all of the added features into classes, we know that you would want to try more of them out without killing off your current character. So, we are happy to announce that each account now has 3 character slots. In the future, you will be able to unlock more character slots through NFT's. Beyond that, you can get "Soul Essence" NFT's to unlock new playable classes. For this release, there are four new unlockable classes that you can purchase for gems at the luxury merchant...

We will be adding more playable classes that can be unlocked in the future through different means. Also, everyone who logged in to playtest in July will be air dropped the Knight Soul Essence!

Soul Essence NFT's

Rolling in the Loot ⚔️

Of course, with all those new abilities we need some new magic properties to sweeten up the loot. There are a bunch of new properties to increase your stamina and energy as well as to improve the effectiveness of orbs that you pick up.

New types of magic properties on loot

These are the new properties you will see on loot in the new release...

  • Max Stamina

  • Stamina Regen

  • Max Energy

  • Energy per Orb Percent

  • Stamina per Energy (from orbs)

  • Health per Energy (from orbs)

  • Reduced Level Requirement

  • Summon Power (make summoned creatures stronger)

The People Have Spoken

Another exiting development is that we have run our first governance proposal through the community. Players get one vote for each Imperial Sovereign that they hold in their wallet. The winning result is a new crafting station will be a primary feature for the next release. We will be working with the community on Discord to decide on the details about how this new crafting will work.

The winning proposal

Clean Up Those Bugs 🪲

Last but not least, we have continued to push on quality and cleaned up a bunch of new bugs that were found. This new build has over a dozen fixes for issues that were reported in the July build. Keep on reporting the bugs as you find them so that we can squash them!

Few! 😅 That was a long release update packed full of content. Thanks for reading along if you made it this far. If you want to see a list of the features in this build you can check it out on our white paper page here. Thanks!

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