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November '23 Development Update

Welcome Etherborn! Another month has passed, and it is time for another jam-packed game update for you all. This month has a large focus on Quests which was selected by the last community governance proposal. Beyond that, there are some big new changes landing for Imperial Sovereign utility, usability improvements and new ultra rare items for you all to strive for! Read on to learn more about everything new in this release.

Do you Accept your Quest? ⚔️

In October there was a governance proposal and the community decided to focus on improving the quest experience in November. So, that is exactly what we have done.

Final Governance Results

With the new quest system, every level in a quest has a specific objective that needs to be completed. The exit to the level will not appear until you complete the objective. This adds new challenges and dynamics in order to clear a quest and ultimately reap the rewards. Below are some of the objectives added in this first iteration...

  • Find a key from an enemy or chest

  • Collect a certain number of quest items from killing enemies

  • Kill a specific number of enemies

  • Kill a specific number of elite enemies

  • Open a cursed chest

  • Defeat a boss enemy

Over time, we will add more quest types into the game to keep things fresh.

Beyond that, we have made usability improvements so that you always know what is needed to complete a quest. There is now a UI bar on the right side of the screen which displays your current quest objective and also allows you to pin up to 4 achievements to track your progress on completing them.

Quest and Achievement Tracker

Heroic Quests ☠️

For those Etherborn who are ready to take the challenge to the next level, we are introducing Heroic Quests. Heroic Quests take the risk/reward dynamic to the next level. In order to enter a Heroic Quest, you need a Heroic Key and crafting them requires gems... so they are valuable.

Heroic Keys

When a Heroic Key is used, 25% of its gem crafting value is placed into 3 tiers of bonus chests. When completing the quest, you will get a roll for each of these chests for a chance to win them. Bonus chests also include a number of random item drops rolled at +100,000% magic find!

Heroic Bonus Chests

However, Heroic Quests are not for the faint of heart. There are the following challenges which make them harder to complete...

  • They must be completed solo. No one else is able to join the quest with you.

  • Using a town portal will fail the quest.

  • You cannot use Faction Keys with Heroic Keys, so the quest will aways be fully random.

Rewards from a Large Bonus Chest

Sacred and Ascended Rarity 💎

With those huge rolls coming from Heroic Bonus Chests, we are going to need some new huge rewards. As a result, we are introducing two new tiers of rarity which are "Sacred Legendary" and "Ascended Legendary".

Sacred and Ascended Legendary Gear

These new tiers are extremely rare and will only be achieved by the most dedicated of players. As a result, it is not intended to be necessary to have this tier of items in order to access all of the gameplay content available. However, if you want to show off and flex and take on the hardest difficulties possible, these items are what you will want!

Imperial Sovereign Utility 🪙

Arguably the most important token in The Etherscape is the Imperial Sovereign. This is the governance token which allows players to vote on proposals and ultimately drive the direction of game development. We are committed to continuing to add more utility to this token over time and are excited to announce the next step in that journey. Imperial Sovereigns now offer in game bonuses based on how many you are holding in your wallet. You can see the bonuses as a tab in the Achievements window.

Imperial Sovereign in Game Bonuses

There are many different kinds of bonuses that can be unlocked including the following...

  • Stash slots and Character slots

  • Magic find, gold find and XP gain

  • Daily resource drops

  • Unlock special settings like auto salvage/sell

  • New titles to show your dedication

This is just the beginning. Even more amazing utility will be coming to the Imperial Sovereign as time goes on. Remember that they have a limited supply of 10M and alpha players have an advantage to get them early and cheap!

Getting Around the World 🌎

Lastly, we are always working to add ease of use to the game to make sure you have the most streamlined play experience possible. Based on feedback, we have made major changes to the mini map. The first is that you can now expand it to a larger map to see your way around a quest.

Mini Map Expanded to its Large Size

The second improvement is that you can now place a pin on the map, and it will automatically draw you a path to that location. This will ensure that you don't waste time searching your way through dungeons on your quest for epic loot!

Pathing with a Map Pin

One last small usability change is that you can now adjust the UI size in game. So, if you are playing on a large monitor, you can get the UI just right for your setup.

That's a Wrap✅

As you can see, it has been a busy month packed full of new updates. We are looking forward to seeing you all in game. Of course, there were tons of other small tweaks and bug fixes. If you are interested, you can read the full release notes on our wiki here. If you aren't in our alpha yet, join our discord to get access today!

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